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Newest Stuff

My most recent photos have been moved to a machine of my own at home, since the large size of image files finally overwhelmed my quota here. Check out my dedicated Gallery Site for pictures since mid-2002 or so. Eventually I'll probably integrate these two sites and move the content here into that format.

BTW, that gallery is created using the Gallery Project at!

Apartment and Moving Pics

The first coherent thing that I had online were pictures from April 1999 when I moved into my Porter Square apartment.

A newer batch - I've moving again (Summer 2001).

Here's the post-move-in set.


Pictures of the Suzuki GS500e ('92) which I bought in 2000. By the way, it's FOR SALE!

My newest vehicular acquisition (Fall 2002) is the oh-so-fun 1997 Mazda Miata STO Edition.

Road Trips

September 2001 -

In early September I took a trip with my family to Tucson, AZ for my Uncle Bill's Birthday Suprise, then on to Orlando, FL for Grandpa Bob's Birthday Bash. After returning home briefly, I left on a business trip to Seattle, where I was somewhat stranded after the events of September 11th. So, James Todd and I (along with a co-worker of James') decided to DRIVE HOME, which we did from Friday morning to Monday night.

Warning - I haven't yet cleaned up the sideways, blurry, and otherwise crappy pictures from these trips. So WYSIWYG for the moment. Oh, and the AZ/FL ones are from my camera, while the road trip ones are from James' friend's Sony camera. Like you care.


I play on an adult ice hockey team, the Scapegoats. We're in the bottom division of the league, but rapidly improving if you believe our own PR. I have some snapshots from our winter-league finals game in 2002 and other events.

A Vineyard is Born

Basically, a gaggle of friends help Seth plant his attempt at a vineyard in Effingham, NH (a.k.a. "the Limit of Northern Viticulture").

Quickie - Scott went on the recent tour of the new Leonard Zakim oh-so-cool cable-stayed bridge over the Charles River in Boston.

White Mountains in August

Ty Hedrick, Brian Fisk, and I did an overnight camp/hike on Mount Washington on the weekend of August 17-18, 2002. Check out my snaps of a GORGEOUS weekend in the mountains.

Actually, the following Sunday I did Mount Pemigewasset with Christi, Ben, and Richard. Nice for a short day-hike! (actually there are some photos from Tealuxe in Harvard Square in there as well - I'll sort sometime ;-) ).

Random Diary-esque Photos of Opportunity . . .

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