All of 'em

The New Place! (just the backdoor)

Saturday (Cleanup Party)

Roomate Scott cleans the kitchen

note beer and OJ for cleaning crew

Brian attacks the grimy windows

Thanks to Brian and James for helping to clean!!!

ok, so it's not all work (geeks note thinkpad 770)

Break: Christi's folks are in town.

Ritchie Mom Christi Scott Brian Joei Dan

(new roomie) Scott (and Brian)

(Brian and) Joei and (ex roomie) Dan. (zombie waitress from heck?!?)

(zombie waitress may have possesed Dan)

Sunday (In Which We Have a Truck)

Back at the Old Place (Somerville)


"the little room"

the truck starts to fill up

... and fill up

... this is hard work!

Note the background mess and lack of remaining furniture.

Back to the New Place (Cambridge)

Lunch break - Toxic Hell!

Adam: "The Truck is full!"

Scott: "The house is empty!"

(our door on left, neighbor's further back)

Scott: "The basement is empty too!"

Stupid Adam tricks.

the Truck is not so full anymore.

Christi gets to help today!

Adam moving the futon. No, I don't know why my hair does that.

Finally, we're mostly done

Christi relaxes a bit now that we have furniture in.

It's almost like a real house!

Dunno what Scott's thinking here.

Christi doesn't know either.


The new office/computer room!

note and the ethernet cord from the new CABLE MODEM!

My new bedroom, with large amounts of crap in it.

THHHHat's all, folks!