My Content

Mostly you've probably already found the links to my stuff if you're here. Like, in the links on the masthead. But there are some extra details here:
  • It's not very formal, but I have a bit of a gallery - maybe some day I'll even crop, rotate, and otherwise fix up the pictures to be somewhat decent ...
  • OK so that previous one is old - check out my newer bigger cooler New Gallery.
  • Yeah, I gotta blog. Blag. Whatever. Doesn't everyone these days? My average posts per year didn't start out high, but I'm trying to fix that. Sometime.

Other People's Content

OK, I admit it. I don't have much real content of my own on this site. But I will link to friends who have content, darn it!


Scott RoLanD
... as mentioned above.
Brian Fisk
... has a page for his various endeavors, including his digital camera photos. I'm in some of them ;-), like the hockey- and Brown-related ones.
Kirsten "G" Munson
... artist, illustrator, and shockwave-mistress extraordinaire!
More NetSpace Pages!
James Todd! Kathy Blank! Dan Macks! Eric Wolff!
Bob Bowles
From the SeaBees to D.E.C. to MediaOne Ops and beyond . . . Bob linked to my page, so now I can return the favor ;-). Plus, check Bob's friends links for more ex-M1'ers.
Brian A. Davis and Jessi Cown
Hmmm . . . family photos, the car, the vacation, the new house - when's the wedding? (Update: wedding accomplished, spawning in progress...)

Other Pages
... is the work of two of the hapless web-sters above. Can you guess who? Check the Blog (weblog/E-blog/webl) for the (not very) latest info.