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About Me

Well, isn't this what one's web page is supposed to be about? I'm still having trouble convincing myself that anyone cares, but here's a shot at talking a bit about myself.


I live northwest of Boston, MA, in Acton with my one-and-only wife (!), Christi Andersen.

Here are pictures (and commentary) from various apartment moves in my old gallery, and pictures of the new house at the time that we bought it.

Here are directions and whatnot for finding us.


Since leaving Brown (June '97) I've moved to Boston, MA and worked in the computer networking industry. I've worked on broadband network engineering and services for MediaOne, now a part of US West, I mean AT&T Broadband, I mean Comcast.... After that (from '99-2001) I worked for Cisco Systems on the products behind those cable-data services and helping multiple cable service providers use them.

From June 2001 to July 2004, I worked at Gold Wire Technology, a small software vendor. Gold Wire's product, Formulator, is a network appliance which helps manage the devices in complex data networks. It was quite a ride for many reasons, but some great experiences and learning (and fun!) along the way, and good folks to go through it with. I was in (actually, a lot of the time I pretty much WAS) the Professional Services group, and I also helped with support, manufacturing, and coordination with sales, marketing, engineering - basically everyone.

EPILOGUE: Gold Wire was sold, shortly after I left. From a high of over 70 active employees around the time I joined, I think four made it through to working for the purchaser. Not me, I jumped ship when another opportunity was dumped in my lap . . .

In July of 2004, I started at Camiant, another software/appliance vendor. Camiant's systems help broadband network operators allocate resources on their networks, beginning with the cable-based networks that I worked with at MediaOne and Cisco. However, other broadband access technologies are also starting to find ways to provide QoS controls for their subscribers, especially wireless networks as their services become more and more centered on higher bandwith, data-based networks.

EPILOGUE(?): Camiant was purchased by Tekelec in May of 2010. I'm still working there in the Product Management group for the Policy product line.


I try to keep an updated resume, but I've decided to distribute it only directly. Please contact me directly if you'd like a copy. I'm not currently working with headhunters or recruiters.